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General statistics for diabetes depression

Top journals for diabetes depression

Journals# of publications
PloS one 173
Diabetes care 154
Diabetes care 137
Diabetic medicine : a journal of the British Diabetic Association 121
Diabetes research and clinical practice 86
Psychosomatic medicine 79
Journal of affective disorders 76
The American journal of physiology 75
BMC public health 72
Diabetes 65

Top countries for diabetes depression

Country# of publications
United States 3704
United Kingdom 604
Canada 474
Australia 425
Netherlands 367
China 344
Germany 339
Japan 332
Italy 298
France 216

Top institutions for diabetes depression

Institution# of publications
University of California, Riverside, United States 184
University of Washington, United States 84
Tilburg University, Netherlands 68
University of Toronto, Canada 67
McGill University, Canada 59
University of Melbourne, Australia 59
University of Pittsburgh, United States 59
University College London, University of London, United Kingdom 57
University of Alberta, Canada 55
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States 54