Comparative analysis of the genetic associations of HLA-DR3 and tumour necrosis factor alpha with human IDDM.

Diabetologia, 1994; 37 (5) doi:

Authors: Cox A, Gonzalez A M, Wilson A G, Wilson R M, Ward J D et al.(3)

Affiliation: University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Sample size: 40

Abstract: Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) is associated with class II molecules of the MHC on chromosome 6, in particular HLA-DR and -DQ alleles, but a pathogenic role for TNF-alpha in the class III region of the MHC has also been implied. We therefore tested whether there was any independent association between a biallelic TNF polymorphism and IDDM. The TNF2 allele was present in 61 of 114 (54%) IDDM patients compared to 101 of 253 (40%) control subjects (odds ratio 1.73; p < 0.02). Stratification analysis in individuals matched for HLA-DR3 revealed, however, that this association was not independent of HLA-DR3 and is most likely to be a result of linkage disequilibrium between these alleles.

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