Environmental ozone exposure and oxidative DNA damage in adult residents of Florence, Italy.

Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 2009; 157 (5) doi:10.1016/j.envpol.2008.09.011

Authors: Palli Domenico, Sera Francesco, Giovannelli Lisa, Masala Giovanna, Grechi Daniele et al.(4)

Affiliation: Cancer Prevention and Research Institute (ISPO), 50139, Italy

Abstract: In 71 adults residing in Florence, Italy, enrolled in a prospective study, we investigated the correlation between individual levels of oxidative DNA damage detected by the Comet assay in circulating lymphocytes, and a specific ozone exposure score calculated in 10 different time-windows (0-5 to 0-90 days) before blood drawing, based on daily measurements provided by the local environmental monitoring system. Overall, statistically significant positive correlations between average ozone concentrations and DNA damage emerged in almost all time-windows considered; correlations were more evident among males, non-smokers, and traffic-exposed workers. Multivariate regression analyses taking into account selected individual characteristics, showed an independent effect on DNA damage of average ozone concentrations in the last 60-90 days before blood drawing. Local residents showed a divergent pattern with correlations restricted to shorter time-windows. Our results suggest that ozone concentrations at ground levels modulate oxidative DNA damage in circulating lymphocytes of residents of polluted areas.

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