[Multiple amplification of 16S rRNA gene and Cytb gene in mitochondrial DNA for species identification].

Fa yi xue za zhi, 2008; 24 (4) doi:

Authors: Ye Yi, Wu Jin, Luo Hai-bo, Wang Zhuo, Li Ying-bi

Affiliation: Sichuan University, China

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To establish a fluorescent multiple amplification system of 16S rRNA and Cytb genes located in mitochondrial DNA for species identification.
METHODS: A pair of primers of 16S rRNA gene and Cytb gene of the mitochondrial DNA was designed with the software Primer 5.0 to construct a multiple amplification system. The amplified products from human and five species of animals, including cattle, pig, dog, chicken and grass carp were analyzed by 310 Genetic Analyzer.
RESULTS: The amplified products of these samples showed two peaks. The common one was 358bp and the specific one different in unique species was between 231bp and 256bp.
CONCLUSION: The multiplex amplification system can exactly distinguish the species of human from five common animals.

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