Amery-Gale Jemima

Top coauthors of Amery-Gale Jemima

Devlin Joanne M (4 papers)

Lynch Michael (2 papers)

Gilkerson James R (2 papers)

Haynes Leesa (2 papers)

Tatarczuch Liliana (2 papers)

List of Amery-Gale Jemima publications


Amery-Gale Jemima, Devlin Joanne Maree, Tatarczuch Liliana, Taggart David Augustine, Schultz David J, et al. 2017. "Eimeria taggarti n. sp., a Novel Coccidian (Apicomplexa: Eimeriorina) in the Prostate of an Antechinus flavipes." The Journal of parasitology doi:10.1645/17-111
Amery-Gale Jemima, Marenda Marc S, Owens Jane, Eden Paul A, Browning Glenn F, Devlin Joanne M 2017. "A high prevalence of beak and feather disease virus in non-psittacine Australian birds." Journal of medical microbiology 66 (7) doi:10.1099/jmm.0.000516


Legione Alistair R, Amery-Gale Jemima, Lynch Michael, Haynes Leesa, Gilkerson James R, et al. 2016. "CHLAMYDIA PECORUM INFECTION IN FREE-RANGING KOALAS ( PHASCOLARCTOS CINEREUS ) ON FRENCH ISLAND, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA." Journal of wildlife diseases doi:10.7589/2015-10-276
Legione Alistair R, Patterson Jade L S, Whiteley Pam L, Amery-Gale Jemima, Lynch Michael, et al. 2016. "Identification of unusual Chlamydia pecorum genotypes in Victorian koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) and clinical variables associated with infection." Journal of medical microbiology doi:10.1099/jmm.0.000241


Amery-Gale Jemima, Vaz Paola K, Whiteley Pam, Tatarczuch Liliana, Taggart David A, et al. 2014. "Detection and identification of a gammaherpesvirus in Antechinus spp. in Australia." Journal of wildlife diseases 50 (2) doi:10.7589/2013-07-165