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General statistics for "cognitive enhancement"

Top journals for "cognitive enhancement"

Journals# of publications
Neuropharmacology 88
Psychopharmacology 49
Psychopharmacology 48
Behavioural brain research 45
PloS one 43
Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior 41
European journal of pharmacology 37
The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics 37
Brain research 33
Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior 30

Top countries for "cognitive enhancement"

Country# of publications
United States 829
United Kingdom 219
Japan 153
Germany 109
Italy 108
Canada 98
Netherlands 71
China 68
Australia 61
South Korea 58

Top institutions for "cognitive enhancement"

Institution# of publications
University of California, Riverside, United States 39
University of Oxford, United Kingdom 25
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom 24
University of Maastricht, Netherlands 24
University of Toronto, Canada 22
University of Pittsburgh, United States 17
Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Tōkyō, Japan 16
University of Florence, Italy 15
Khon Kaen University, Thailand 14
Medical College of Georgia, United States 14