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General statistics for "chronic obstructive pulmonary disease"

Top journals for "chronic obstructive pulmonary disease"

Journals# of publications
International journal of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 656
The European respiratory journal 623
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 533
The European respiratory journal 506
PloS one 484
Respiratory medicine 473
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 376
Respiratory medicine 367
COPD 357
Thorax 349

Top countries for "chronic obstructive pulmonary disease"

Country# of publications
United States 6951
United Kingdom 2856
China 1721
Italy 1685
Netherlands 1534
Canada 1481
Japan 1310
Spain 1222
Germany 1136
Australia 925

Top institutions for "chronic obstructive pulmonary disease"

Institution# of publications
Imperial College London, United Kingdom 310
University of British Columbia, Canada 220
University of Groningen, Netherlands 208
University of California, Riverside, United States 205
University of Toronto, Canada 169
WG Critical Care, Paramus, NJ, United States 139
University of Manchester, United Kingdom 127
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom 126
University of Maastricht, Netherlands 124
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, United States 109