Giardia duodenalis: enhanced growth in cell culture.

Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 1988; 82 (3) doi:

Authors: Bowie W R, Isaac-Renton J L, Prasad N

Affiliation: University of British Columbia, Canada

Abstract: Growth of Giardia duodenalis in broth and in animals has been studied in considerable detail. In contrast, the kinetics of growth in cell culture have been little evaluated. In this study, in vitro growth of G. duodenalis was evaluated in cell culture, primarily using mouse McCoy cells in vials. The media used were Giardia broth (TYI-G), Trichomonas vaginalis broth (TYI-T), and standard cell culture media (CMGA) alone and in combination (2 parts by volume CMGA to one part of TYI broth). Addition of cell culture enhanced the sensitivity of the systems in detecting low numbers of G. duodenalis. Growth was identified consistently with inocula less than or equal to 10/ml, and often with a calculated 10-1/ml inoculum with CMGA/TYI-T and CMGA/TYI-G with cells, and with TYI-G with and without cells. The 2 preferred systems for sensitivity and growth were CMGA/TYI-G with cells and TYI-G with cells. The pH fell minimally in the growth systems and, if CMGA was in the media, cell monolayers remained intact and viable throughout the experiment. In preliminary experiments, cell cultures did not allow growth of one strain of G. muris. These cell culture systems may be useful for detection of low numbers of non-laboratory adapted trophozoites, and should be useful in evaluating the interaction of G. dudodenalis with cells in culture.

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