Vitamin K and childhood cancer: a report from the United Kingdom Childhood Cancer Study.

British journal of cancer, 2003; 89 (7) doi:10.1038/sj.bjc.6601278

Authors: Fear N T, Roman E, Ansell P, Simpson J, Day N et al.(1)

Affiliation: University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Sample size: 2530

Abstract: The relationship between neonatal vitamin K received by the intramuscular (i.m.) route and the development of leukaemia or other cancers was investigated as part of a national case-control study of childhood cancer, using data abstracted from obstetric and neonatal records. The analyses included 2530 children diagnosed with cancer before 15 years of age, 1174 of whom had leukaemia and 4487 control children without cancer. Overall, 39% of cases and 42% of controls had records of i.m. vitamin K administration, while 24% of cases and 22% of controls had no record of whether or not they had received vitamin K. Using subjects who received i.m. vitamin K as the baseline group, our analyses found no association between the administration of i.m. vitamin K and either leukaemia or other cancers as a group. We conclude that there is no convincing evidence that neonatal vitamin K administration, irrespective of the route by which it is given, influences the risk of children developing leukaemia or any other cancer.

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